Tim Scott Says, “America is Not a Racist Country!”

Senator Tin Scott (R) South Carolina Denies His Own Experience

William Spivey
8 min readJul 4, 2024


Photo by Samuel Branch at Unsplash

On this the Fourth of July, I am reminded of Tim Scott declaring that “America is not a racist country.” It is no coincidence that at the time, his last recorded net worth was -$1,053,998 and now is close to$1,000,000. He didn’t earn over $2 million in three years on his government salary of $174,000. He got paid for his book and speeches, in which he told others what they wanted to hear. I pulled this out of the dustbin as a reminder of who Tim Scott is the next time you see him trolling for Trump.

Senator Tim Scott gave the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress on national television. In his response, he the statement, prefacing it by saying, “Hear me clearly.”


Senator Scott said this, minutes after describing the number of times he himself, a sitting United States Senator, had been pulled over for no reason other than driving while Black. In a 2016 interview, Scott said he had been pulled over seven times by police; he acknowledged he was going too fast two of those times, but the other five times, the only thing he was guilty of was being Black.