The Events Surrounding the Ocoee Massacre of 1920

Constant Giving With Little Return

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Race Discourse

Why We Can Never Rid Ourselves of Racism

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“Would any one believe that I am master of slaves by my own purchase? I am drawn along by the general inconvenience of living without them. I will not — I cannot justify it, however culpable my conduct.” — Patrick Henry

I Was Bombarded About the Books I Left Off My First List

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Unless I enslave you

Patrick Henry — Hypocrite

What If You Started From Scratch?

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What Black Scholars and Artists Had to Say About It

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What If Martin Luther King, Jr Was Assassinated Before Malcolm X?

If You Don’t Apply For The Medium Partner Program, You Still Won’t Get Paid.

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Originally Published in “Fieldnotes On Allyship: Achieving Equality Together”

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